Why didn’t you go to study to Russia?

As I already written, Saturday night I was in New York at a party. It was an Halloween party and everyone was dressed up. I didn’t have a costume but was wearing the shirt you see on the left.
I was speaking with some guy who asked me “So you’re what? A communist?”.
I replied “Well, kind of…”.
At this moment another one came in with “So why didn’t you go to study to Russia?”.
It was not said with bad mood, just with simplicity. This made me wonder what this guy thinks about Russia.
We spoke a little bit about what we think communism is and capitalism is but eventually we shortly ended up drinking more beer.
So the lesson is clear: don’t wear “communist costumes” at Halloween parties in US. ;-)

One thought on “Why didn’t you go to study to Russia?

  1. paolo

    Ehi, perche’ uno spettacolo? Sono curioso!!!

    Per la sua malattia serve qualcosa di piu’ drastico: deve andare a studiare a Cuba! ;-)

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