Possible way to overcome censorship of “raiOt – Weapons of Mass Distraction”

raiOt bannerAs suggested by Isocrazia I expose this banner on my blog.
I’m really worried about my Italy. Berlusconi (our prime minister) owns all the national televisions (3 are publics and 3 are privates). Italy is 53th in the world press freedom ranking!. Everyone that is not enslaved is not allowed to go in TV (Luttazzi, Santoro, Biagi, Grillo are some of the notable examples but I guess there are thousands of unknown journalists in the same condition).

The last step towards a dictatorship was the stop after the first week of a tv program of Sabina Guzzanti raiOt – Weapons of Mass Distraction that was of course very critic against Berlusconi.
She is planning to do the show however in some place in Rome.

As I already said, you can download the first show at Indymedia (1, 2, 3, 4) ot at Sinistre Figure. If you don’t know Italian, it is definitely time to learn it.

My suggestion is that Sabina should make available for download all the shows she will record under a Creative Commons license and we will show them on every cinema, on every theater, on every home tv, on every telestreet trying to overcome this overwhelming censorship! We will prepare big screens and project the show in every square of every Italian city!

Thanks Cesca.

4 thoughts on “Possible way to overcome censorship of “raiOt – Weapons of Mass Distraction”

  1. lina

    Italy is worse than Iraq, I live now in Italy and the television is ludicrous. Oh my God, Berlusconi has the monopoly of everything. And what you say is so true. Biagi was a distinguished journalist and he was thrown out. I thought this was a free country

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