4 thoughts on “Lucas, please, add tagging to WebJay

  1. Lucas

    I’m thinking about this a lot. Gotta factor it, get a sense of what tags mean in the context of Webjay, figure out how to do it in a minimal way.

  2. paolo

    I wrote some additional comments on the forum [http://webjay.org/geeklog-1.3.8-1sr2/public_html/forum/viewtopic.php?forum=2&showtopic=823] nothing clear thinking, just some entropy ;-)

    anyway seb posted something and also tomwsmf.
    we could all together discuss it in the forum on in some chat session (you call it on your wiki) and i think we also need a real-time-whiteboard.

    I guess you can see the potential of tags in music … adaptive radios, emerging catalogues, … how you can make money out of it however remains a total mister to me. what can you sell while there is information on your site? just hope to be bought by yahoo or google? uhm… thinking ….

  3. Lucas

    How I make money out of it is a total mystery to me too.

    I dunno, Paolo, to a large degree what you’re thinking of is a different application, one that’s about cataloging, except specialized in music. I don’t see how that’s different than putting a playthispage link in delicious whenever there’s an audio or video file.

    Maybe we can approach this from the other direction at the same time — have you asked Josh Schacter to add Webjay to del.icio.us?

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