Looking for accomodation in Pittsburgh and for travel support

A paper of mine got accepted for the AAAI conference (see previous post). So I need (1) to go to Pittsburgh on July 9, 2005, (2) to find an accomodation in Pittsburgh from July 9 to July 13, 2005, and (3) to pay for conference registration. Since my institute is not sailing in the gold (this is probably not an English expression, it is an Italian one, “non sta navigando nell’oro” and i liked to write it here), I’m going to ask you if you can help in some way.
I tried to enroll for the Student Scholar and Volunteer Program, some volunteering and being a student can maybe help with (1) and (3), however if you know of any grant for students for travelling from Italy to USA for example, please let me know. About (2), I’m going to check on couchsurfing and on hospitalityclub. However if you live in Pittsburg and are dying of wish to host me (again it is an Italian expression “muori dalla voglia di…”), let me know. I’ll be happy to be hosted … and I promise I’ll not use Italianish expressions ;-)
UPDATE: i got a suggestion to put here a PayPal button, at first I thought it was a unreasonable suggestion but then “hey maybe it can work”. Just 2 notable examples: Kottke becomed a full-time blogger and the authors of the randomly generated paper accepted for conference will give a random-presentation thanks to received donations.
So, before I spend time (sort of money, no?) in setting up a PayPal account, would you donate? … Never thought I could write something like this. The Web is an expected socially created strange creature, isn’t it?

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