Italy as best country in believing climate change is a global emergency

With 1.2 million respondents, the Peoples’ Climate Vote (2020/2021) is the largest survey of public opinion on climate change ever conducted (50 countries). People were asked about their belief in the climate emergency and which policies, across six areas – energy, economy, transportation, farms and food, protecting people, and nature – that they would like their government to enact.

The first question was “Do you think climate change is a global emergency?” (Yes/No).

And Italy is in first position together with UK: 81% of respondents from Italy think climate change is a global emergency.

The second question was “If yes, what should the world do about it?” (a. Do everything necessary, urgently / b. Act slowly while we learn more about what to do / c. The world is already doing enough / d. Do nothing)

And Italy is the first one here: 78% of respondents from Italy who answered Yes to the first question say we should do Everything Necessary, Urgently in response.

I did not have at all the perception that in Italy there is a high (and higher than all other countries) awareness about climate change as a global emergency but let me appreciate it anyway: now it is time to move from belief and awareness to action.

The survey asked people which of 18 climate policies they would like their country to pursue to address climate change. Overall, the most popular among participating countries were

– Conserve forests and land (54%)
– Use solar, wind and renewable power (53%)
– Climate friendly farming techniques (52%)
– Invest more money in green business and jobs (50%)

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