Reputation-based System: a Security Analysis

This paper aims to provide a useful introduction to security issues affecting Reputation-based Systems by identifying a number of possible threats and attacks, highlighting the security requirements that should be fulfilled by these systems and providing recommendations for action and best practices to reduce the security risks to users. This paper is aimed at providers, designers, research and standardisation communities, government policy-makers and businesses.

European Network on Information Security Agency (ENISA) position paper – October 2007.

Note: The content was collected via wiki, mailing list and telephone conferences and edited by ENISA. This is a joint work of Art Baker (Microsoft), Katrin Borcea-Pfitzmann (TU Dresden), Mark J. Boyd (eBay), Jon Callas (PGP Corp), Elisabetta Carrara (ENISA), Marco Casassa Mont (HP Labs), Sorin Chitu (Romanian Ministry of the Interior), Richard Cox (Spamhaus), Stephen Crane (HP Labs), Christian Dietrich (Institute for Internet Security, Germany), Jay Heiser (Gartner), Giles Hogben (ENISA), Paolo Massa (IRST, Italy), Tim Nash (Venture Skills), Farez Rahman (Redkey Digital), James Andrew Reynolds (SECUDE), Christian Rossow (Institute for Internet Security, Germany), Jean-Marc Seigneur (University of Geneva and Venyo), Sandra Steinbrecher (TU Dresden), Denis Trcek (JSI and FAMNIT UP, Slovenia), Rigo Wenning (W3C)

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