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Wikipedia Statistics

Wikipedia Charts are very cool. They show the evolution in time of the number of Wikipedians – Articles – Database – Links – Daily Usage. See the All languages or for the Italian version. There are so many data you could design a lot of interesting tests. This also reminds me of this event:
Wikimania 2005 – The First International Wikimedia Conference, August 4-8, 2005, Frankfurt am Main.

WikiMania Conference: be bold!

Wikimania 2005: The First International Wikimedia Conference will be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 4 August 2005 to 8 August 2005.
Original research is welcome, but not required. Be bold in your submissions! Wikimania is meant to be both a scientific conference and a social event. (from WikiMania Call4Papers).
I’m thinking about going. By chance, can you host me during these days in Frankfurt?

The Early History of Nupedia and Wikipedia

The Early History of Nupedia and Wikipedia: A Memoir (part1) (part2) posted on SlashDot is a terrific read. I really really really recommend it!
“Larry Sanger was one of the moving forces behind the pioneering Nupedia project. That makes him one of the people to thank for Wikipedia, which has been enjoying more and more visibility of late. Sanger has prepared a lengthy, informative account of the early history of Nupedia and Wikipedia, including some cogent observations on project management, online legitimacy, dealing with trolls, and other hazards of running a large, collaborative project over the Internet.”
I also recommend the Power Structure page on meta.wikipedia.org
“Wikipedia’s present power structure is a mix of anarchic, despotic, democratic, republican, meritocratic, technocratic, and even plutocratic elements”


Wikitravel.org is a free (as in freedom), complete, up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide.
Who create and update the guide? You! Yes, thanks to the disruptive technology called wiki, you can go on Wikitravel.org and edit the page about your city and your country or whatever page!
[Instruction: go to a wikitravel page, scroll to the bottom, click on “Edit this page” link, enjoy!]
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