Brazil is our last hope

Lula Ignazio da Silva, Brasil PresidentGNU (GNU's Not Unix)
If I look at the situation of democracy around the globe, I feel really bad. I think our last hope is Brazil and Lula and the participatory democracy adopted in Porto Alegre.

But this post is about free software.
Brazil believes that free software is an excellent tool for the democratization of knowledge, foreign currency savings, and the optimization of institutional investments and costs. The model also offers perspectives for Brazilian industries to research, create, and develop new free software programs.
Source: Brazzil (found on WorldChanging).

I hope that also Italy (my home country) will realize soon how much free software is strategic for the future, instead I notice how the Report on Digital Innovation of the Italian Government uses 4 pages (in Italian) to explain us how much our life will be improved by the Smart Dust and give no mention to Free Software.

I guess in the future I’ll go to work in Brazil and I also like the idea actually.

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