New year’s eve in Chiapas (photos)

esta usted en territorio zapatista en rebeldia aqui manda el pueblo y el gobierno obedece Since I was out of the blogosphere during the past 20 days, I have many things to blog about.

The first is that I’ve been in Chiapas (Mexico) for new year holidays. New year’s eve in a Zapatista village (La Garrucha). I’ll blog about what this revolution means for me and the world later. For now I just publish the link to photos.

The sign in the photos reads: “esta usted en territorio zapatista en rebeldia aqui manda el pueblo y el gobierno obedece” meaning “You are in Zapatista lands in rebellion, here the people rule and the government obeys”

4 thoughts on “New year’s eve in Chiapas (photos)

  1. appuntidiviaggio

    Uhè!! Finalmente riappari! ormai non provavo più nemmeno a passare. Bentornato e complimenti per le belle foto e per l’album, anche se però devo dedicare un po’ di tempo in più per rivederle tutte con calma. Ciao

  2. Rafael Blanco

    Hi, we are working in a project from the Ministry of Education of Argentina and we need to contact the person who take the pic PIC01348 (“Está usted en territorio…”). Please, contact us by email to have a short conversation. Thanks,

    Rafael Blanco

  3. paolo

    Wow! My pictures in a book or something! Yes I’ll be pleased to give you permissions to publish this photo. And I’m going to contact you by email.

  4. paolo

    Following there is the email I sent to Rafael.
    The content on this blog is released under a creative commons licence (as you see on the right part, at the bottom)
    so feel free to spread the content according to the licence!

    Hi, absolutely! You can use the photo!

    Actually I release the content on my weblog under a creative commons licence
    (it is written on the right part of my blog, at the bottom)
    The licence is:
    (According to the licence you should distribute your publication according to the same licence [it is called a “viral” licence])

    I strongly suggest you to release your publications under a creatiuve commons licence!
    see also

    There isn’t (yet!) a creative commons project in argentina but there is one in brazil! You might think about opening one in argentina!

    Many books are released under this licence nowadays (even bestsellers on amazon!). This licence allows a book/publications/song to be known and spread, easily.

    I licence the following photos with another licence for “Dirección Nacional de Formación Docente y Gestión Curricular. Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología de la República Argentina.”
    Feel Free to use the following licence if you prefer.
    The additional licence is
    (just ask me if you need a more permissive one)

    licenced images:
    the one at
    and all the other under


    I can suggest you other images of chiapas in the web:

    # from

    # (by me)

    [you can search for any tags among millions of photos uploaded by everyone!!]


    # using


    Feel free to contact me if you have questions or if you want more details about creative commons.
    (there is even a “developping nations” creative commons licence
    even if i don’t like the term “developping nations”, the rationale behind

    In case you want to cite me, I’m Paolo Massa ;-)

    If possible, I would like to know when the publication comes out and also if there will be an online version.
    See you!
    … y la proxima vez voy escribir en espanol qui es mucho mas cerca de l’italiano!!! ;-)


    Rafael Blanco wrote:
    > Dear Paolo,
    > The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Argentina is
    > preparing to enhace and update the knowledge of the teachers all along
    > the country. In order to do that, we would need an image that we would
    > like to ask your for , if it’s possible.
    > The image that we are looking for it’s an image of Chiapas that iy says
    > “Está usted en territorio zapatista…” similar to the one in the
    > following site:
    > .
    > We want to know if we can use it to aur publication. This ministry will
    > comprise on citing the source and thanking for your cooperation once it
    > is published.
    > We are deeply thankful to you and we will be looking forward to getting
    > your answer.
    > Sincerilly,
    > Rafael Blanco
    > Documentalista.
    > (+ 54-11) 4129-1000 int.: 7408
    > Dirección Nacional de Formación Docente y Gestión Curricular.
    > Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología de la República Argentina.

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