Google Bug?

google_bug_snapshot.pngI was searching in google for “Beth, T., Borcherding, M., Klein, B.: Valuation of trust in open networks.” and I got this result page: the link of the homepage (in green) is displayed not correctly.

It is so strange to receive something not perfect from google. Could it be a bug? Or maybe it is a feature? I tried some other queries and it seems that “B B.” is treated as some sort of bolding directive or so.

Try it yourself

2 thoughts on “Google Bug?

  1. Marcelo

    Hi Paolo,
    I brought this to Google’s attention and it seems they have corrected this ‘bug’.

  2. Steve


    My site disappeared from Google last week. I have had good to great positioning for a number of search phrases for 3 years.

    Is there some bug out there that could have done this? My email to was answered with a boiler plate response.

    Any ideas on how to remedy this huge problem?


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