CiteULike: A free online service to organize your academic papers

[I’ll write something about my trip in Israel later on, as time permits]
I just found on HubLog an online service I was really waiting for: CiteULike (a prototype service to manage your personal library of academic papers). When you are logged in and visiting a page related to a paper, you can post that paper to your online library using a bookmarklet. In doing so, you can also specify tags, a list of keywords you’d like to associate with this article (a la and flickr) and optional notes. The service is very similar to (simple, tag-powered and social), but precisely tailored for academic papers. You can also see all the papers tagged under a certain tag (for example networks). Cool!

You can see your library (see mine), and see which other users are reading the papers you find interesting. The about page tells you what is coming soon. I think that “exporting those data in semantic web formats” and “opening the API” can be interesting additions to the list. This would be great for creating Trust-aware Recommender System tailored for researchers.
The big problem I see is that only papers in (PubMed, HubMed, JSTOR, arxiv, IngentaConnect) can be added for now. Most of the papers I’m interested in are not stored on those online repositories.
I wish it would be possible to add Citeseer (I’m involved in a project whose goal is to relaunch citeseer), eprints archives and Springler (see my last paper page on Springler for a typical paper page).
I’d like also to be able to keep some blog posts (not published) in my online library and papers that researchers keep in their homepages: using the URL as key for the “paper” could do the work but this will make the site just as is now and I think this is not the goal of the online service. Maybe it would make sense to introduce two levels of papers: certified (by some recognized authority such as PubMed) and uncertified (such as my papers I keep on my blog) but I’m not sure this is a good idea.

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