Windows crashes, crashes and crashes

zeusnews (in Italian) reports on a number of failures of billgates technologies in his “see the future. today” show(off).
The video is (kind of) available at microsfot site. But I was not able to see it. In general with my gnu/linux laptop I’m able to watch all the videos i wish notwithstanding the closeness of the format. Instead this time, after some efforts without success (there is the scary mms:// protocol), i realized that if they don’t want to make easy for me to see it, perfect, I’m not going to see it. Zeusnews also reports the fact Microsoft removed the video from the web for some time but had now put it there again.
Luckily enough, I was able to see the 1998 show with the usual windows crash (.mov file) that is always fun but it also makes me think that, despite being a worst software product, windows got a global monopoly on users’ computers.
Below, you can find the salient pieces related to (4) failures from the transcript of billgates failure-show:

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