Europe and Italy

This funny flash animation can give you an idea of how Italy is different from Europe. I especially enjoyed the representation of how Italians form queues, and I can swear that it is totally true: queue is probably a too difficult concept for us. This humorous anthropologic study can be useful in case you are pondering about coming to live here (you know who you are).

2 thoughts on “Europe and Italy

  1. marco

    If it’s me, I do not have to know how bad Italians are with the queues. I was born in Italy and I lived there for thirty years, that’s the reason why I’m thinking carefully whether I should come back or not ;-)
    All jokes aside, the decision has been taken and we are going to move to Trento. Don’t know exactly when, but 99% it’s going to happen before the end of the year.

  2. paolo

    No it was not you. I know you are italian ;-)

    I noticed at conferences for example that there is a threshold in the percentage of present Italians for not having a “normal” queue formation process. It is roughly 40%.

    Happy you decide to come. I think you’ll love Trento. May I suggest you (for house finding and everything, you can see offers on line but without telephone numbers and either b_uy the paper version with the numbers or b_uy a subscription to the full on line version) and (for student/ch_eap house finding).

    Here to help, and respect queues ;-)

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