Can your mind manage all the Greasemonkey you installed?

After meeting BookBurro’s creator and listening a great talk about microformats (and how greasemonkey extensions can assemble them to create useful services for you) past week, I’m thinking a lot about GreaseMonkey. For example, I have more than 4 extensions that modify and I have no more idea if what I see is the original content sent by google or if it is modified/created by one of the 4 extensions. I see that Lucas Gonze had a similar problem: he was commenting on ReBLG icons being adopted by all the bloggers in few days but in reality it was an extension installed by him (and forgetted) doing the insertion in the HTML pages he was seeing. [Lucas is the creator of the great] For this reason he suggests to add a greasemonkey icon near every modification made via extensions. I’m not sure it is the best solution since I will end up easily having hundreds of GM icons in the pages, anyway it is something we need to think about.
And I just want to note, since every day it is easier for anyone to write “code”, that this quotation becomes more and more true:
  The moral is obvious. You cannot trust code that you did not totally create yourself.
      — Ken Thompson, Turing Award Lecture [Thompson, 1984]

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