Faletti: “Open Source leads to Barbarity”

[again news about Italy in Italian]
In article on La Stampa, Faletti speaks about his free appearance in a Television Spot campaign of the Italian Government to fight piracy of multimedia content. There is no need to say that the spot costs public money to be broadcasted in televisions and that this becomes private money of Berlusconi who owns Italian private televisions.
Anyway the point I want to make here is another: the spokeman of the campaign against piracy, Faletti, is so informed that says:
«Io invece penso che l’open source sia il sistema migliore per precipitare nella barbarie.».
(I think instead that Open Source is the best way to fall into Barbarity.)
Let me state it again: this is the man chosen by Italian Government to explain to Italians (via television) what is piracy and how to fight it.

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