3 thoughts on “Five reasons NOT to use Linux

  1. marco

    Hmm, it might be fun for the ‘converted’, but I do not think that this way of promoting Linux is effective because it will not convince one person more who’s not already convinced.
    If you go down the line of the article, the result will be that people do not use Linux because they are lazi and/or stupid. I find this a bit cheap.
    Although I love Linux, I *do* find differences between a Linux PC and a Windows PC for the mainstream user.
    One reason to start with, there are 99.9% chances that if you go to the computer shop around the corner and ask for a PC with Linux preinstalled they will say they don’t have any, and that is end of the Linux story for most users.
    My 2 cents.

  2. paolo

    I agree with you. The most important battle is “being able to have normal shops let you choose between a windows powered pc and a gnu/linux powered pc”. If we succeed in that, then I think we almost won. Until that, just try with the old (new?) word of mouth. Did I mention the “meetings in the Trento Library about Free Software”? See http://www.linuxtrent.it/iniziative/biblioteca/FrontPage

    And I agree with you. Many users use Internet Explorer, when I see IE, I’m firstly shocked but then for 90% of the people I guess they don’t have time to wander in the huge Web to find out if there is any program that is a better browser (“browser? what is a browser?”). If it is so hard to have people switch from a crappy Browser for a already available, great, free, easy to install (double click) browser, I guess it is almost impossible for now, to have normal people switch to Gnu/Linux… We’ll see what the future will bring … this is the interesting part of living, no? not knowing the future and betting on A or B … ;-)

  3. marco

    Many thanks for the link.
    I actually plan to be in Trento on the 12th of September, so I might drop by if I can find some time.

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