“Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us” Video

It is astonishing how everyone nowadays can create an insightful and deep movie. This one is a 3 minutes story of the Web, about the Web and … the future/present. Made by Digital Ethnography@ Kansas State University, one more RSS feed in my reader …

[via an email from bonaria aka the geek librarian]

4 thoughts on ““Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us” Video

  1. paolo Post author

    I found an article about students loving this professor! There are so many boring classes that a class from him is rejuvenating (whatever that means!).


    Professor’s teaching style garners praise
    Micheal Wesch, assistant professor of sociology, anthropology and social work, has had positive reviews from his students and other professors about his classes, which feature information he learned from the time he spent in Papua, New Guinea.

    Some comments:
    “Dr. (Michael) Wesch is the greatest professor I have ever had in my 17 years of formal education, and that sentiment is echoed by many of the students he has every semester,” said Kevin Champion, senior in anthropology and Spanish, and current teaching assistant for Wesch. “The amount of impact he has on students in one semester is absolutely beyond anything I have ever experienced before.”

    “His teaching style, I think, is utterly unique,” said Harald Prins, distinguished professor in the Department of sociology, anthropology and social work. “This is especially true for the large introduction to anthropology courses, with enrollments from 200 to 400 students. When students walk into the classroom, they are entering this simulated world and asked to find a way to survive.”

    “Like a lighthouse, Dr. Wesch reveals, through colorful examples and real-time videos, the potential disaster of ignorance, if we refuse to understand our world and those in it with the most heartfelt compassion,”

    “Dr. Wesch’s love for anthropology radiates during his classes, and it almost has a contagious quality. I have met students who were so impacted by what he brings to the table that they are forever changed and no longer will see the world the same way.”

    “Dr. Wesch is the best instructor I have ever had, and I believe his efforts to be a wonderful teacher changes the world, one student at a time.”

  2. Vincenzo

    Paolo: did you look at the italian translation of this post? The title is very funny, in particular for the translation of “web”:
    “Il fotoricettore 2.0… la macchina è Us/ing noi„ video

  3. paolo Post author

    Hi, I saw you among the ActionCampers ;-)
    Are you involved in the Innovaction Fair? I read you show a product of yours on your blog right?
    Anyway to influence the organizers into switching lights off?
    (see next post)
    Fotoricettore?!? Let’s hope we are not going to switch the “fotoricettore”?!? ;-)

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