Jane Goodall in Trento on February 27th

Darwin Trento
Primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist Jane Goodall will be in Trento on February 27th for a public speaking titled “Reasons for hope”. The event is part of Darwin Year 2009 (check the entire program, with events from January up to June).

If you don’t know who Jane Goodall is, you can check her Wikipedia page or watch the video of her talk at TED embedded below (suggestion: watch at least the first 30 seconds!)

Her description from TED says:
Jane Goodall, dubbed by her biographer “the woman who redefined man,” has changed our perceptions of primates, people, and the connection between the two. Over the past 45 years, Goodall herself has also evolved — from steadfast scientist to passionate conservationist and humanitarian.

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