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You are invited at the DolomitiCamp, a BarCamp in Trentino mountains, 24 august 2008!

Together with my friends, napo, ket and franz, we decided to organize the first DolomitiCamp, just as a BarCamp but in a mountain hut in the wonderful Dolomites in Trentino, Italy! Because geeks need some physical exercise too. And some fresh air sometimes. ;)
So please, register in the DolomitiCamp wiki page!

When? Sunday 24th August 2008. A bit close in time and space there is the BlogFest which is going to be an amazing event in Riva del Garda, 12, 13, 14 September 2008. But we thought we would organize the DolomitiCamp anyway, the DolomitiCamp would be perfect if you are already close to Trentino in holidays. But also for coming just for this weekend. As written on the the DolomitiCamp wiki page, the day before, Saturday 23th August there is a free concert by Tetes des Bois in Val Rendena in the Suoni Delle Dolomiti festival, great musicians playing outdoor in the Dolomites.

Where? Rifugio Segantini (see the map at the end of this post). In Alta Val d’Ámola, Presanella, (mt. 2371), Trentino, Italia. One hour and 19 minutes from Trento.

Is there Internet connection? Yes, it was recently installed. But, since we need to make the final tests, it would be great if you can register in the DolomitiCamp wiki page.
There is also a dolomiticamp user on facebook who you can friend and the dolomiticamp event on facebook which you can subscribe to and the DolomitiCamp group on Facebook which you can join.

I see you on 24th August 2008 on Trentino mountains, ok?

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

The Rules of DolomitiCamp (derived from The Rules of BarCamp)
* 1st Rule: You do talk about DolomitiCamp.
* 2nd Rule: You do blog about DolomitiCamp.
* 3rd Rule: If you want to present, you must write your topic and name in a presentation slot.
* 4th Rule: Only three word intros.
* 5th Rule: As many presentations at a time as facilities allow for.
* 6th Rule: No pre-scheduled presentations, no tourists.
* 7th Rule: Presentations will go on as long as they have to or until they run into another presentation slot.
* 8th Rule: If this is your first time at BarCamp, you HAVE to present. (Ok, you don’t really HAVE to, but try to find someone to present with, or at least ask questions and be an interactive participant.)