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Cool Trashware Video

Incredibly cool video about what “Free Geek” is doing. Free Geek is a Non-profit community organization providing free computers and education to those in need through the reuse and recycling of old computers.
This is what we are trying to do here in Trento as well with the “ComputeRinati” association (in general this activity in Italy is called Trashware), but hey we are nowhere near what Free Geek is accomplishing.

Link to “Free Geek” Video
And since I’m there, Microsoft just shipped Vista, the long-awaited operating system that does nothing that was not already possible with MacOSX since some years (and actually also with GNU/Linux with just some extra tweaking). But Vista requires a lot of RAM and resources actually forcing a lot of people to buy a new computer and dump the old one (for example there is a report claiming that “the system’s full range of tools would be available to less than 5 per cent of Britain’s PC market”). Don’t you think Microsoft should be taken responsible for the quantity of e-waste it is causing with the release of this deadly operating system?
Follow my suggestion: take the chance to switch to GNU/Linux, Ubuntu for example. Feel free to ask me suggestions on how to do it, there is surely a Linux User Group close to you willing to help and to share knowledge.
[via an email of Paolo Palmerini in the Trashware mailing list]