Whitehouse.org is hiding Iraq-related pages: why?

Have a look a this file http://www.whitehouse.gov/robots.txt.

The file robot.txt is used to say to robots (programs that crawl every web site such as Google bot) which files they can read (and then index) and which not, how often, etc.

According to the Democrats, this is an attempt of Enabling historical revisionism. Essentially there will be no electronic memory of what Whitehouse.gov was saying about Iraq because search engines were disallowed to read it and store it!

If not discovered, this would have been a good way to say “we never stated this”!

It just remember me of some italian (he deserves the little I) that always says “non l’ho mai detto” (“I’ve never said so”) or “sono stato frainteso” (“I’ve been misunderstood”) when every newspapers in the world report a stupid declaration made by him, and this happens often.