War on Spam has just started!

I signed Comment Spam Manifesto :: Kalsey Consulting Group.

I personally was about to try MT-Blacklist.
Up to now, this plugin for Movable Type use a text file such as blacklist.txt. I think we could share our blacklist files with something like Razor.

I also like a lot the idea of a Honeypot for spam harvesters but I don’t have a throw-away domain.

from Comment Spam Manifesto :: Kalsey Consulting Group.

In order to increase search engine rankings you are posting advertisements to our Web pages. What you failed to understand is that bloggers are smarter, better connected, and more technologically savvy than the average email user. We control the medium that you are now attempting to exploit. You’ve picked a fight with us and it’s a fight you cannot win.

The War on Span has now began!

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