Microsoft: “don’t click on links!”

noIE.gif (Via BoingBoing) Microsoft’s crapware browser, Explorer, has more security vulnerabilities than my block has dope-dealers, but this is ridiculous. MSFT now advises its users to not click links, but rather to type them in by hand:
Micro$oft says:The most effective step that you can take to help protect yourself from malicious hyperlinks is not to click them. Rather, type the URL of your intended destination in the address bar yourself. By manually typing the URL in the address bar, you can verify the information that Internet Explorer uses to access the destination Web site. To do so, type the URL in the Address bar, and then press ENTER.

It’s like if a door constructor would say: “Since we are not able to make good doors, don’t touch the handle because you could get hurted”. In a competitive market, this productor would be out of the market in few seconds.

The alternative? Easy! Download Mozilla or Firebird.
Mozilla is a wonderful browser, is Free Software (Free as in Freedom) and works perfectly also on M$Windows.
Note also that Mozilla has now a global usage share of 1.8% and is increasing.

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