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During the past week I was in Oxford for the 2nd Trust Management Conference. The presentation (pdf) (sxi) of my paper went well.
Most of the participants were concerned with privacy and the problem of setting up a secure environment for virtual organizations (business basically). I am not too much interested in this topic that is basically agreeing with Microsoft, IBM and HP (that were present with some representatives) about standards for the trust management processes, often reduced to simple access control lists.

Instead I was very happy to meet Cai Ziegler. Cai is working on topics very similar to my interests. But it is doing more (his scope on semantic web recommender systems is broader, since he also takes into account taxonomies), better (its English is simply wonderful) and faster (he is still in his first year of PhD). Can I at least say I’m humble? ;-)

Check his publications:
Analyzing Correlation Between Trust and User Similarity in Online Communities,
Spreading Activation Models for Trust Propagation,
Semantic Web Recommender Systems,
Trust Models for Expertise Discovery in Social Networks.
I will try to convince him to start blogging. It would be a great injection of inspiring thoughts for all the blogosphere!

One thought on “Cai Ziegler

  1. Cai

    Hey folks,

    don’t listen to what that man says! It’s not true … basically, since you started with the idea of working on decentralized recommender systems making use of trust networks, you are the first to claim that stake for you! I had the idea later than you, so it’s just some sort of a silly follow-up.

    And it was great meeting you, too, which actually saved me and made the conference enjoyable. For as it comes to the main focus and scope of the iTrust conference, I totally agree with you: most of the topics were simply boring.

    Folks, I also hope for you that you’ll ever meet Paolo, he’s a very nice guy, not the type of boastful lad you happen to run into just too often at suchlike events. Indeed, he’s obviously too humble *smile*.

    I’m really glad you were at iTrust ’04, Paolo. Hope to see you on mana other occasions, confs, workshops, whatever!

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