Google addons

Google print, Google SMS, Google helps China censorships.
The Google Italian version is now offering: maps (just search for an Italian city, such as Bologna), trains timetables (just search for two Italian cities, such as bologna roma), UPS packets monitoring (just enter an UPS code, such as 1Z1234567891234567). [found via Pandemia]
For the train timetable, doesn’t use the Italian Trenitalia but the German reiseauskunft. Well, I guess they are more reliable (both as train service and Internet site).

In the meantime, Yahoo! goes personalized: not very impressive for now but it is just a first step. has probably the advantage of having already all the Amazon’s logins (and of offering discounts on Amazon if you use A9). In the pre-Internet economy you would have had to pay in order to use a so useful service such as a search engine; in the Internet economy they offer you discounts if you use their search engine … and I suspect, sooner or later, someone will pay you for using their search engine. In a real free market, the sellers must sell while the comsumers can wait and accept the best offer (usually going down near 0, or even in the negative numbers, as I said?). This is an incredible powers shift.
Ok, I stop the “changing economy” ramblings and … did I wrote that at the FOAF conference there was a guy from Yahoo! ? It would be great to have Yahoo! MySearch FOAF-enabled.

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