Google suggests (Firefox)!

On SpreadFirefox, I found a new Google feature: Google suggests: as you type in the search text field, Google offers suggestions about possible completions. SpreadFirefox was reporting it because if you tipe just f, you get firefox as the first suggestion. Cool!

You should also note that Firefox default home (the page you download when you click on the “home” icon in the navigation bar) is This is both an endorsement from Google to Firefox as the best browser and (i guess) a way for the mozilla foundation to save money due to the bandwidth costs of millions of firefoxes in the world otherwise downloading some bits from every time they got fired.

On SpreadFirefox, I also found the No IE Information Bar, that was hence made so as to remind your IE visitors to say no to IE. Take a look of the demo with IE. This bar will only show up in IE, but not other browsers. No browser detection script was used, so it is 100% sure only IE will see this..
The code shows an information bar with the string “Internet Explorer is preventing you from having a better Internet experience …” and the string is also localized in the language you are using for browsing. I cannot test it now since I have no access to a machine running window$ but I think I can borrow a collegue’s machine next week in order to test it and I will also try to add the code (released under a Creative Commons) license to my blog. It would be good of course if you remind your IE visitors to say no to IE as well.

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