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Creative Commons Italy is proposing a simple law: “everything that is funded with state funds must be public domain” (ciò che è finanziato con soldi pubblici deve essere di dominio pubblico). A Creative Commons licence would be better than public domain but I guess this is just a first step for igniting a nation-wide discussion … and anyway laws in Italy cannot be that simple, they must contains tons of words that you can’t understand (without a lawyer). ;-)
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  1. marco

    Actually, from what I understand (checking the archives of the CC-it mailing list), there are two distinct projects on these topics:
    1) “Scarichiamoli!” by CC-it: it argues that the State should finance the realization of a portal (web site) from which people can download (scaricare) materials in the public domain. The insight behind the request is fairly simple: it doesn’t make sense to enrich the public domain space (collecting materials in the public domain, perhaps cataloging them, etc.) if people are not able to explore and use this space. The portal solves this problem. The model here is that makes easily accessible laws and other legislative documents.
    Note that there are 2 key issues here:
    – make public domain knowledge available. And for this, a lot of similar projects already exist (eg.,, so hopefully “Scarichiamoli!” can reuse those experiences.
    – the State should provide resources for making access to public domain knowledge easier. From what I understand, normeinrete is the only other project that deals with this issue. Happy to be
    wrong, though.
    Personally, this is a no-brainer issue (aside economical aspects of financing the site) and would be a nice (and easy) showcase for the ministers Moratti (culture) and Stanca (innovation).
    2) A legislative proposal elaborated by the Green party: *this* proposes that everything that is funded with State funds should become public domain. Clearly a lot of issues pop out here that touch some very fundamental aspects of our society: relationship between public and private, role of the State, and so on. It will be interesting to see how it will be actually formulated (the appeal on seems a little – well – naive at the moment – but it’s an appeal after all).

  2. paolo

    it is a pity you lost the seminar at Sociology (in Trento). There was Cortiana (green party) and spoke a bit about this stuff… and Dicosmo’s presentation was wonderful. I agree that the appeal is quite naive but i think that in Italy it is better to speak in a over-simplified way about this topics if you want to get media/politicians attention.

  3. marco

    I re-check the “Scarichiamoli!” web page and it seems they have clarified the existance of the two projects: no need to go through the CC-it mailing list any more ;-)

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