Mycroft Firefox Taggregator

Matt has created a bookmarklet for adding Technorati tags (via boingboing). And there is also a bookmarklet for searching Technorati tags. So I thought I might create a mycroft search engine plugin for Firefox and Mozilla that could search Technorati tags. However it seems that now, Mozilla only supports plugins that work with the GET method (those URLs with "?somename=somevalue&othername=othervalue" in them) and Technorati Tags page does not use this approach (see as an example the page for the tag “simple”). So I felt back to the really first aggregator of tags, Taggregator, whose pages do use the GET method: see for instance Taggregator page about tag “simple”.
In the process, I discovered that creating a Mycroft plugin is incredibly simple thanks to the generator.

So if you like, you may add Taggregator search engine plugin to your Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape7 browser.

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