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Found on FlickrBlog, a fancy Flash application that shows your social network on Flickr. For mine, type
for yours, just change the string “phauly” with your username on flickr. What is terribly better than the social network visualiization tools I saw before (based on TouchGraph, check subscription network visualizer
or these) is the fact that nodes are represented by photos. This makes me much more aware of the social network and (possibly) able to manage it and depict it in my mind.
And just to be clear, no, I don’t think this graph-based interfaces are usable for now, they are just fancy to play with for some seconds. But, as I said, “for now”….
And let me say “happy birthday Flickr” (the post also points to great pictures, Visualizing the Flickr social network)

2 thoughts on “Flickr FlashGraph

  1. paolo

    I hate Flash, it is the opposite of HTML, close format. And Flash is not really the best friend of firefox on linux. And … what is your username on Flickr?

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