M1cr0$oft 5uX

Annoying. Someone speaks a language that you can know only if you are part of an (evolving) community and someone, as a spy, reveals the “secret” vocabulary. Annoying and arrogant. And an Hacker is not a Cracker. And try to make sense of these words that I predict will evolve s00n in somet|-|1n6 else: “w4r3z” “h4x” “pr0n” “sploitz” “pwn” “0\/\/n3d” “pwn3d,” “kewl” “m4d sk1llz” “n00b,” “noob,” “newbie,” “newb” “w00t” \o/ “roxx0rs” “d00d” “joo” “j00” “_|00.” Upset.

One thought on “M1cr0$oft 5uX

  1. Bru

    Yeah, I know. But after all every tribe has its own language.
    And you and me comment each other in English, even if we are both Italian living on Italian soil. That too could be seen as arrogant from our “paisà” ;)

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