Nonsense: you can’t link to a candidate’s site

This is just insane! Links are “campaign contributions!” (via BoingBoing)
Seems that a US judge has ruled out that a link to the site of a political candidate is a contribution to her campaing and, since this is regulated in many ways, it may be the case that you cannot link to it! That’s weird. This is just free speech. Just as I’m free to tell my friend that I appreaciate Kucinich as US president, I must be free to express the same opinion on my blog. Otherwise, is the federal commision going to record every single conversations we do, monitor when we speak about candidates and count (monetarizing it) how much we “contributed” to a candidate campaign? … Beware, the enemy is listening. Don’t express political opinions! Even better, don’t think. Just swallow whatever bullshit they are throwing in your direction. I’m more and more scared thinking about who had the power to legislated about Internet.

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