No limitations for Google OS

I don’t agree with Lucas when he reasons about the Limitations of Google OS. He says In any computing application where there is a sense of responsibility, the computer must be owned by the person or organization who owns the responsibility. A desktop company like Microsoft can sell you software which you then take responsibility for. A web company like Google can’t.
But there is an error: Microsoft does not sell you the software, you buy a licence of use from Microsoft. This is completely different. In the same way, you can buy from Google the licence of use for GoogleOS. The fact that the bits that compose the software happen to stay on your computer (or not) is totally non-relevant. Actually, in the licence of use, Microsoft could even ask you to not reverse engineer it, to not study it; you could be in situation when you have no way to verify the code you think is there is actually there. Besides, if you have Microsoft Windows installed on your computer, you don’t know if it is relying for some services on some remote servers (of course disconnecting from the Internet will reveal it). You have no way to check what is on your harddisk (a complete operating system or some random bits?) since Windows is not Free Software (it does not give you freedoms).
But, hey, if you want a CD pressed by Google with a shiny GoogleOS logo on it, that simulates its installation on your hard disk, I think Google will be happy to provide it.

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