My first Firefox extension: SemanticLinks

For the previously mentioned paper, I created a small Firefox extension called SemanticLinks. The purpose? Showing VoteLinks, rel=”nofollow” and information about the linked resource by appending a small icon near the link text (anchor text). SemanticLinks is a simple change of TargetAlert to which I just added a 1%. You can find more information about SemanticLinks and how to install it on the SemanticLinks page. You might also want to see some screenshots.

2 thoughts on “My first Firefox extension: SemanticLinks

  1. paolo

    I know Greasemonkey. I use the Butler extension to degooglify google ;-)
    If you are able to create such a Greasemonkey extension let me know, however for showing an icon near the _blank links the targetAlert extension does the job (and mine as well since it just adds support for votelinks and rel=nofollow but keeps all the other features)

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