Teens share innermost feelings with parents or ….?

When teens are asked to choose whether they prefer to share their innermost feelings with their parents or a blog, they are split with roughly half (51%) selecting their parents and 49% choosing a blog. (from BusinessWire, via an email on SocNet).
Yes, I didn’t follow Clay’s advice with this entry, posting a news that just is too postable not to be posted.
Most of us will not be able to afford the calling and re-calling of sources to double-check a quote, but all of us can ask ourselves, just before we hit Submit, ‘Is this true?’. And the time we should be most careful to do that is if we feel really satisfied with what we’ve written.
This result seems so perfectly fabricated for having bloggers post it … with self-satisfaction and I’m brainlessy posting it not pondering enough ‘Is this true?’, but that’s how the world goes these days …

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