GreaseMonkey on (Italy’s public railways) has some links that works only on IExploder. Few weeks ago you could do nothing but sending tons of email asking to support standard (you can also sign a petition for Making Internet Explorer Standards Compliant and hope).
BUT NOW you can GreaseMonkey it! [you need the great Firefox browser] Install the Trenitalia Link Fixer script that fixes wrong links in Trenitalia website.
(via blackbirdblog)

3 thoughts on “GreaseMonkey on

  1. Pietro

    This is brilliant. I was wondering WTF was happening with their page, and why sometimes was working fine and sometimes wasn’t

  2. paolo

    I think there is a law that says that any public service (or any service that is given in concession to private companies, like managing trains) MUST have sites that obey the WAI standards. This is because there are people that use different browsers (for examples blind people) that must be able to use the “public” service, otherwise you are excluding someone from the public service. [Of course the reason is not the case that some people use browsers different than the most used (and bugged) one!].
    Anyway I think that if site does not obey WAI standards and anyone could sue Trenitalia for this and have Trenitalia pays a lot of money as fine but I’m not sure. Anyone knows anything about it?

  3. Pietro

    I have been lately helping my father to produce I explained him the importance of CSS. His answer was that most italian ‘ministeri’ still have old versions of IE, which wouldn’t be able to read pages using CSS. Eventually they decided to use a mixture of tables and CSS, with the effect of being unreadable both from a mobile phone and from old browsers. ;-) But if you have the latest edition of IE it is much nicer.

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