Off for AAAI 2005 conference in Pittsburgh

If you happen to participate in the AAAI 2005 conference (and read this post), pass by to say hello. The paper I’ll present is “Controversial Users demand Local Trust Metrics: an Experimental Study on Community” (pdf). Ill be hosted by roder, a (new) friend found via HospitalityClub. Actually I received a lot of offers for hospitality (some via CouchSurfing). And also for hanging around: for example, Violet Law invited me for an Indian party/fundraiser for Indian children on Sunday evening. I guess we can meet there. What a strange, small world?!? ;-)
UPDATE: I just received an email from AAAI organizers: AAAI05 has a dedicated blog and an user on Flickr (monitor AAAI05 tag). W00t!

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