Using wifi at AAAI (with GNU/Linux)

I thought I might share this information with you. If you are at AAAI05, you know there is free wifi connection. If you use GNU/Linux, the instructions (“just open the browser and everything will be fine”) don’t work. Instead you have to do something like that:
1. iwconfig wlan0 essid “STSN” //set the essid of the network
2. dhclient wlan0 //you should have an IP address after this.
3. connect with your browser to //the login screen will be there, login with your 24-hours access code.
UPDATE: I realized later that posting information on the web that are addressed to someone that is not able to connect to the web is kind of strange but maybe your connected neighbour can help you with that and sharing information is, in general, always a good thing.

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