AAAI 2005 conference will be Flickred

As I already written it, there is a aaai-05 user on Flickr and the photos submitted by it are shown on aaai-05 blog.
If you are at AAAI and taking pictures, you might want to consider creating an identity on Flickr and sharing your photos, tagging them as “aaai05”.
Questions to Flickr-aholic:
– I’ve my identity on Flickr and I will tag photos with “aaai05” this evening, so, do you know if there is an easy way to show on a aaai05 blog a zeitgeist of photos tagged under a certain tag and not only belonging to a single user?
– Is this a bug of Flickr or I’m missing something? (Probably the second). There are some pictures tagged by user aaai-05 under “aaai05” but they don’t show up when you see all the photos tagged under “aaai05”.

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