AAAI conference: workshops day.

I was volunteering as a workshops/tutorials floater (in order to get a free registration and a scholarship) and I didn’t get a chance to attend too much the workshops. There was a lot of “moving aisles around” in the early morning but then I was pretty free. I spent most of the time at the AAAI blogging platform. Later this night I’ll post about AAAI05 first day: there was the invited talk by Marvin Minsky and a terrific, terrific, terrific, terrific IAAI-05 Invited Talk by Jay M. TenenbaumAI Meets Web 2.0: Building The Web of Tomorrow Today“. Terrific! I almost photoed every single slide (my camera went dead so I’ll post them on Flickr later as well). Terrific talk!
And I’m writing this sitting besides Jesse Andrews, oh yes, that Jesse Andrews, the creator of Book Burro, mindblowing (and business models blowing) application of the century!

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