Welcome back to myself!

Hello everybody!
I’m back, back in the blogosphere I mean. My last post was dated November 23, 2005 so precisely 377 days ago. Wow, this means more than one year without blogging!
Reasons for this long silence? Well, I stopped blogging because I had to write my PhD thesis. I then got my PhD in March 2006 but for different reasons it took me until now to restart blogging.
In the meantime, I took the chance to move to a personal domain, gnuband.org (I’m sure everyone is wondering “why gnuband?“), and to move to WordPress.

So, in case you are interested, please bookmark this new blog URL (http://gnuband.org) and subscribe to the new RSS feed (http://gnuband.org/feed/).

I ‎guess I should now write some clever intuitions about the experience of “living and researching without a blog for more than year” but I’m afraid the reality is that I don’t have any of these. I will try nonetheless to write something about this in one of the following posts.
For now, “Welcome back to myself!”. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Welcome back to myself!

  1. paolo Post author

    Grazie a tutti e due! Ma chissa’ poi perche’ scrivo in inglese se le poche persone che passano di qui sono italiane?!? ;-)
    Cristiano, grazie per la segnalazione sui link rotti, li ho sistemati. Segnalate pure se vedere altri problemi. Ciao!

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  3. paolo Post author

    Hi Sjors, of course I kept track of you but thanks anyway for the link to the demo. Your work is incredibly interesting! Did you get enough users to test or use the system?

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