“Cosa e’ Software Libero” explained with videos of Stallman

richard stallmanGreat explanation (in Italian!) of what is Free Software by Robin Good. It contains also videos of Stallman (both on Youtube and in non-proprietary format OGG) interviewed by Robin. Looking at the first video, I wondered “how many times Stallman repeated the mantra <Freedom 0 is the freedom to run the program for any purpose (…), Freedom 1 is the freedom (…)> (This is of course what he repeated precisely also when he came in Trento).
More than 1 million times? I guess this is what happens when you are so ahead in time than your fellow citizens, Stallman started to speak about these concepts in the 70s and he still has to repeat them precisely the same after more than 30 years! I guess it is very boring for him. Luckily enough for Richard, Robin also asked him “Qual è il ricordo più bello del tuo soggiorno a Roma?” (What is the best memory of your staying in Rome?”) and the answer is … well, go see the videos.
Richard speaks in English but in the blog post there is the translation in Italian, so it is also a good excuse to learn a bit of my wonderful language. ;-)
[via gnuvox] [photo curtesy of guadalinex]

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