rItaliaCamp: on March 31st in Milan Italian Citizens Unite to Propose an Alternative to Italia.it

I’ll be in Milan on March 31st at the University of Milan-Bicocca. More than 200 Italians Internet Citizens will gather to Propose an Alternative to Italia.it. Read the press release and join us!

Ritalia (http://www.ritalia.eu) has officially launched today in an effort to breathe new life into Italy’s tourism portal, www.italia.it. The initiative serves as a focal point for anyone interested in discussing, developing and defining the guidelines to evolve the national tourism site. Ritalia has quickly developed into a web phenomenon in Italy, growing spontaneously through word of mouth, as more volunteers offer their professional services.

This is an entirely grass root event: in a purely hacker spirit, Italians will unite to contribute their love, passion, knowledge and skills for the country they love. It is fresh news that Marco Ottolini, the previous “Project Director” of Italia.it recently resigned and he will be at rItaliaCamp as well! I cannot at all forecast what we all will be able to accomplish but I can already feel the power and the passion. Join us, it will be unforgettable!
Read also Robin Good’s Crowdsourcing Italy’s Tourism Portal: Italian Independents Get Together To Rethink Italy’s Institutional Web Site – RItalia which explains in detail the history and how this mad crowd gathered online. I see you in Milan on March 31st then. It will be fun. And passion.

One thought on “rItaliaCamp: on March 31st in Milan Italian Citizens Unite to Propose an Alternative to Italia.it

  1. orcmid

    Buona fortuna! In bocca al lupo!

    There’s something very distinctive about Italian web sites. http://www.italia.it has some of that. I think making a community expression is a wonderful possibility.

    The use of MediaWiki is also very nice to see.

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