I’m a PC, I’m a Mac, I’m Linux … it is called GNU/Linux

Maybe you have seen the clever Apple campaign “get a Mac”. There are two characters playing “the PC” and “the Mac” and of course the Mac is cooler. Below you can find 6 ads in 1 video, but there are more videos.

But of course the question “Hey where is Linux?” didn’t take time to appear. And Novell (owner of Linux distribution Suse) created 3 PC, Mac … meet Linux ads, in which Linux is played by a woman, a clever move. By the way, say NO to NOvell, choose UbuntuLinux instead. Below you can find 2 of the 3 funny videos.
This video ad suggests that Linux can wear different interfaces and people share new apparels with Linux all the time, while PC and Mac are tied to their single interface for ages. Priceless the moment in which the PC says “I’ll probably wear this for another six or seven years” (referring to Vista interface).

In this video ad, PC and Mac are caught running Linux, but they don’t like to admit it, especially Mac.

Now we all know that the correct name is not Linux (just the kernel) but GNU/Linux (the entire operating system). I mulled over making one more spoof video in which Richard Stallman enters the video after the woman/Linux says “I’m Linux” for stating “The correct name is GNU/Linux!” (credit for the idea) but my video editing abilities are zero. What about yours?

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