The founder of Dell uses Ubuntu

Michael Dell is the founder of Dell, the largest seller of computers in the world. What kind of operating system does Michael Dell have? According to his institutional page on, his computer runs the GNU/Linux distribution Ubuntu (plus 2.2, Automatix2, Firefox! Ubuntu rocks, it is so much better than Windows (very easy since Windows totally sucks) and MacOS that you cannot even imagine. The new version of Ubuntu, 7.04 Feisty Fawn, was just released yesterday. Try it, you will be delighted! If you fear about losing your data or having to spend some time in installing Ubuntu, don’t fear. You can download the Live CD that is a complete installation of Ubuntu installed on the CD itself: you can run Ubuntu directly from the CD without having to install anything and without fearing to lose your data. After some time, if you are satisfied (you will!) you can decide to backup all your data and take the leap into freedom, install Ubuntu. If you are not able to download the Ubuntu CD you can even ask to request Ubuntu CD for free (then please don’t forget to share them with your friends, free software lives for being shared!).

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