Festival of Economics in Trento, be welcome!

From 30 May to 3 June, Trento will host the 2nd Festival of Economics. This time the topic is “Human capital, social capital”. Thirty thousand people are expected. So if you want to come to Trento, be welcome! Contact me via CouchSurfing and I’ll be delighted to host you, but please read the campaign for a more open CouchSurfing and sign the petition.
The festival will be open by a talk of Partha Dasgupta of Cambridge about “Social capital as an economic institution” and will be closed by the Nobel prize-winner Gary Becker. Have a look at the entire Festival of Economy program, there are many big names. I have to say I’m not satisfied at all with the program. It is very boring and institutional, while the topic of social capital and relationship-based economy is so interesting, exciting and intellectually challenging. And there are a lot of ministers (6, with the Prime Minister Romano Prodi) and a lot of ex-ministers (5, plus many more politicians). It seems much more the festival of the politics than the festival of the economics.
Anyway, at least there will be the Minister of University and Research Fabio Mussi, the Minister for Public Administration Reform and Innovation, Luigi Nicolais and the Chairman of Microsoft Italia and Vice Chairman of the Microsoft Corporation Umberto Paolucci. So that we will be able to ask them about the monstrous deal between Microsoft and Italy (signed by the 2 previously mentioned ministers). More information about the still-secret deal are available thanks to Associazione per il Software Libero: Spunti di riflessione sulle politiche d’innovazione nel settore ICT and Uno studio approfondito sui recenti accordi tra Governo e Microsoft.

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