Medieval christian politician and failed censorship

UPDATE: the medieve tried to censor Luca Volonte’ in his domain, but Luca Volonte’ is stronger than censorship and reappeared at Once more, let us yell all together: Liberte’, Egalite’, Volonte’.
Luca Volonte’, a narrow minded Italian politician, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, tried to censor the videogame “Operation: Pedopriest” by MolleIndustria. Paradoxically the christians politicians are exploiting a law against pedophilia to ban a satirical game that point the finger to child abuses committed within the clergy. I understand Italy is the last stronghold of the medieval church but they are really passing the mark. Anyway the videogame is now available on many sites and even on Luca Volonte’ site. Liberte’, Egalite’, Volonte’.

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