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OpenMedia and Galway

[still looking for a friend(-of-a-friend)* offering me hospitality in Larnaca, Cyprus, from 25 to 29 Oct 2004.]
Marc is working on OpenMedia. The project is very interesting but what catched my eye is that in the picture explaining OpenMedia there is my picture (the one representing me on WebJay).
I’ll meet Marc at the FOAF conference in Galway, Ireland (we will have a dinner in the castle you can see in the image). I’m looking forward to meet Marc and the other people in the committee. It will be fun!

FOAF Camp in The Netherlands

There will be a FOAF Camp (19-20 August 2004, Campus UTwente, The Netherlands).
In short, Two days of talking, hacking, socializing and making FOAF better. and more importantly W’re doing this for fun, not for profit, on a pure cost recovery basis – so bear with us as we sort out some details.
Together with 1st Workshop on Friend of a Friend, Social Networking and the Semantic Web (FOAF’2004), it will be a ubercool FOAF summer here in Europe!
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Workshops Committees

I’m writing a paper for Coopis2004 and have not too much time to blog. By the way, I’m in committee of 2 very interesting workshops:
Trust, Security, and Reputation on the Semantic Web (held at the 3rd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) from 7-11 November, 2004 in Hiroshima, Japan.)
Deadline for Submissions: July 16, 2004
Trust, Recommendations, Evidence and other Collaboration Know-how (TRECK) Track (track of the 20th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 13 -17, 2005)
Deadline for Submissions: Sept. 3, 2004

You are of course invited to submit challenging and innovative ideas!
I guess I should also update our wiki list of trust related conferences. In the meantime I ping http://topicexchange.com/t/calls_for_papers/

PhD Research Proposal: Trust-aware Decentralized Recommender Systems

I realised today I didn’t write yet an entry about my PhD Research Proposal “Trust-aware Decentralized Recommender Systems” (TaDRS).
So here it is the PDF file. If you have any comment or criticism, I’ll be happy to hear from you.
The PhD research proposal is a little bit outdated (29th May 2003) but I didn’t have a blog at that time. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

This PhD thesis addresses the following problem: exploiting of trust information in order to enhance the accuracy and the user acceptance of current Recommender Systems (RS). RSs suggest to users items they will probably like. Up to now, current RSs mainly generate recommendations based on users’ opinions on items. Nowadays, with the growth of online communities, e-marketplaces, weblogs and peer-to-peer networks, a new kind of information is available: rating expressed by an user on another user (trust). We analyze current RS weaknesses and show how use of trust can overcome them. We proposed a solution about exploiting of trust into RSs and underline what experiments we will run in order to test our solution.

blam! rocks

I’ve just used blam! in this review of Revolution OS.
Basically blam! add some semantic information to your blog entry when this is a review. The semantic information can be understood by a computer program so that it will be possible to, for example, aggregating all the reviews about a certain book or movie.
Read about OpenReviews and their possible uses from Accordion Guy.
I’m planning to do something similar for my project CoCoA.
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