FOAF Camp in The Netherlands

There will be a FOAF Camp (19-20 August 2004, Campus UTwente, The Netherlands).
In short, Two days of talking, hacking, socializing and making FOAF better. and more importantly W’re doing this for fun, not for profit, on a pure cost recovery basis – so bear with us as we sort out some details.
Together with 1st Workshop on Friend of a Friend, Social Networking and the Semantic Web (FOAF’2004), it will be a ubercool FOAF summer here in Europe!

FOAF Camp – 19-20 August 2004, Campus UTwente, The Netherlands


This is the first time we do this – we reserve the right to make changes and/or cancel the event; see below for the full restitution of the fee in that case. W’re doing this for fun, not for profit, on a pure cost recovery basis – so bear with us as we sort out some details.

In short

Two days of talking, hacking, socializing and making FOAF better. Held in the parklike surroundings of Twente University, hometown of the Grolsch beer brewery.

This gathering will be loosely based on the ideas pioneered at the BSD and Apache Hackathons and last years FooCamp; i.e. a self organizing group (though do suggest topics) working on cool things together while having fun. And using the Face to Face time to understand people and issues better, work on things which require people from different continents to be in a room together and to build enough trust and understanding to make even greater things when you get home. (If you are also looking for something with a bit more structure, organisations and formalisms; do check out the FOAF workshop in Galway, Ireland.)

Organized by the FOAF community for the FOAF community.

The programme starts on Thursday the 19th of August 2004 at 9.00; and continues until Friday the 20th of August 2004 at 16.00.

The camp will be held at the Logica Facility; a tiny, somewhat secluded, conference center (which is just big enough for us) in the woods.

Friend of Friends help a Friend

We are organizing this on a personal and non-profit/cost recovery basis. So if you can help out; if you want to do something specifically; show something, help out organising something, sponsor a t-shirt, beerbash or a lunch, whatever, do let us know. We need the community to make this work.

Note that the site we are at is a private Campus away from any public roads and normal citizens; so even if you have very wild, noisy or strange ideas – we can propably accomodate them.

Conference Fee

150 Euro which includes lunch on both days and a dinner (or BBQ weather permitting) on thursday. Breakfast is included in the roomrates quoted below.

We prefer payment ahead of time, but see cut-off dates below into:

IBAN: NL64ABNA0481301186
Account: / WebWeaving
Bank: ABN AMRO, Stationstraat 31, Leiden, The Netherlands
Swift/FAST sorting code: ABN ANL 2A

using an internatioanl SWIFT or IBAN transfer, with the transaction set in Euro’s and with any cost paid by the sender. Contact us to make alternate arrangements, in case of hardship, or if you need things such as a proforma invoice.

Or alternatively in cash on-site. In any case; you will receive your receipt from the registration desk at FOAF camp.

In the unlikely, but possible event that, we need to cancel the event we will fully restitute de amounth paid; and/or any banking fee’s up to a maximum of 15 E upon presentation by email or fax of the receipts.

If you have to cancel – and let us know before the 15th – we’ll restitute the full amount paid. Any cancelations after that point will be restituted up to 50%.

A registration form will be provided as soon as possible; meanwhile you can help us tremendously by sending us an expression of interest.

Lodging is not included in the above conference fee; see below for the options and how to make reservations. It is up to -you- to arrange your own accomodation. A fair number of rooms are suitable for sharing; use your friend of a friend network as appropriate.

Important Dates

15 of July premillary registration cut-off. Registrations after this date will be served on a first-come, first served basis provided there is still space.

1st of August registration closed.

2nd of August Deadline for presentation requests.

3st of August If you’ve not yet wired your conference fee at this point; then be prepared to pay cash at the conference.


FOAF camp will be held at the Campus of Twente University, near Enschede, The Netherlands.

Which is located at the very east of the Netherlands, on walking distance from the current border with Germany.

Amsterdam Schiphol is the nearest main airport; though note that some budget carries also fly to Munster Osnabruck Airport (FMO) just across the boarder in Germany. The connection between FMO en Hengelo is a bit more awkward than the direct train between Schiphol and Hengelo; though generally doable for experienced travelers :-).

Schiphol is about 200 km (150 miles) west of Enschede, Munster airport about 75 km (60 miles) to the South East. Either airport and the campus are connected directly to the highway and it is well signposted.


Dial-in: none; though avialable in most hotel rooms (some rooms however have ISDN)

GSM: Europe standard; i.e. 900 and 1800 Mhz; a US 1900Mhz phone will -not- work. You need a european one (prepaids start at 35 Euro’s without contract; best sourced from a supermarket) or a triband.

Network: The entire campus is covered by WiFi – exact arrangements will be announced later. (please confirm if you need wired access too).

Beamer: yes, up to XVGA; VGA style connector only.

Audio: not plannned. Let us know if needed.

Power: 230 volts, 50 Hz. DIN41494 or DIN 57620 which looks like this: .


Carnivore and Western Vegetarians are catered for – if you have any other dietary needs – let us know before the 21st of April.

We expect to provide you with a Lunch on Thursday and Friday, and a dinner of sorts (or BBQ, loaction and weather permitting) on Thursday evening.

Breakfast is included in the room rates below.

There will be coffee, tee or water during the sessions.

Route – from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The easiest way to reach Enschede is by Train; as the most highways between Amsterdam/Rotterdam and the Hauge are are clogged during rush hours; and you have little use for a car while on Campus (which is more or less a single pedestrian zone).

In short the train station is below the airport; underground. There are direct trains to Hengelo and Enschede once an hour and more often if you do not mind changing midway. This is generally well anounced and clear. The trip will take a bit over two hours and set you back 22.50 Euro (about 25 USD). The campus is located in between Hengelo and Enschede and has its own train station called Drienerloo. There is a very regular bus/shuttle service from the train station to the campus.

More details provided by the university , a routeplanner university, short table and the schiphol airport web site.

Meanwhile at the airport follow the signs for the trainstation which is below the terminals. Note there there are also Tickes vending machines in the luggage reclaim area which are generally less crowded and with less of an issue to be besieged by pickpockets and other big-city folklore.

Vending machines require coins, make change, take most ATM and a few of credit cards. More details on these vending machines found here.

A one way ticked will be E 22.50 which is awkward to pay with coins.

There are also manned ticked booths during the day at the area above the train station. These people generally pretend -not- take credit cards (but will relent if you get stroppy). If you get your ticked here also ask for a Strippencard (see below) which is valid for all busses in the whole of the Netherlands.

Note that that this area (like Amsterdam Central Station) is rife with pickpockets.

Use the timetable, enter Schiphol and Enschede. Virtually all trains depart from platform 2. You want to go into the direction Amersfoort or Enschede. The direct train departs at 51 past the hour; at 21 past the hour there is a train which requires a change at Amersfoort. This change is easy; the train you have to get into will be waiting for you on the other side of the platform. Once you get to Hengelo you can either change to the Enschede Drienerloo train (a 5 minute train ride) or continue to Enschede and take a taxi or bus from there.

Schiphol to either Hengelo or onto Enschede, twice an hour from 5.51 until 23.21:

from Schiphol to Hengelo
(2 hours, 3min later) Enschede
(2 hours, 11min later)
Departure: 5.51
22.51 Arrival: 7.54


Arrival 8.02


There is a connecting bus at 09 or 39 minutes past the hour from Enschede (Line 1, direction Hems), a 14 minute ride.

If you get out in Hengelo you can wait 25 minutes (until 18 or 48) for a train onto Drienerlo, which is the station nearest to the Campus from where you can also pick up that same bus 1 to the campus (a 4 minute ride):

fromHengelo to Enschede Drienerlo
18 minutes past the hour 23 minutes past the hour
48 51

The choise of sitting in the train until Enschede; and taking the connecting bus from there; or chaning at Hengelo and take the connecting bus from Drienerlo is one of personal preference.

If you want to take a Cab stay on board until Enschede; there are generally more taxies at the stand in Enschede and generally a bit cheaper.

Bus tickets are called “strippenkaart” and are valid throughout The Netherlands. The ticket contains 15 so called “strips”. The city is divided into zones and you need to have stamped the number of strips that is equivalent to the number of zones you travel through, plus one. For the above trip from Hengeloo station to Campus this is three strips. Only the last strip of that number is stamped, usually by the bus driver who knows how many strips you need. Strippenkaarten can be bought at the ticked counter of the station. A more elaborate guide is made available by the transport authority – or use this more colloqial guide.

By international train

From southern europe; take a train direction Amsterdam and change at Schiphol; from Germany or from Scandinavia; know that Hengelo-Osnabruck is on the main East/West train connection. Or change at Arnehm.

Osnabruck/FMO airport to the campus

Generally easiest to take the bus to Osnabruck or Munster and then take any train direction Netherlands; and get out at Hengeloo.

By car

Schiphol airport, Munster Airport and the Campus are all directly on the main highway system. Simply follow the signs to Enschede/Hengelo. Once there follow this description. There are parking pacilities next to the conference area.

Staying at the Campus

We have two levels of accomodation available; at 67 Euro (including VAT and breakfast) in the Drienerburg Hotel and at 46 Euro (including VAT and breakfast) at the Logica facility.

Secondly we’ll expect to be able to allow you to pitch a tent and use the nearby sports facilities for toilets/showers on a nearby sportsfield. Pricing to be announced. If you plan on bringing a (very small) campervan or caravan – please secure approval ahead of time.

You can book through this form directly with them. Do add the code ‘FOAFCAMP’ in the comment block at the bottom.

A link and reservation reference code to our room block will be made available as soon as possible.

All locations are within a 10 minute walk from each other.

For those craving for more luxery; there is a 4 start hotel just off campus site: the Broeiert as well as lot of choise in Enschede or Hengeloo. This hotel is 50 meters from trainstation Drienerlo.

Other things to do

If you are staying on – you can travel the usual sights of the Netherlands; Amsterdam beeing a well known one; visit one of the textile industry museums in Enschede itself (add more..)


The event is organized by members of the FOAF community on purely for fun and a not for profit basis: Libby Miller, Dan Brickley with a bit of logistical assistance thrown in by @Semantics S.R.L..

Dirk-Willem van Gulik, +31 (0) 71 514 9564, Libby Miller and Dan Brickley. Fax is at +31 71 514 9564

© 2004 FOAF Camp, Asemantics, All Rights Reserved. Contact for more information.

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  1. paolo

    I think I’ll go to the FOAF conference in galway (ireland) but not to this one in the netherlands. Why don’t you come to the one in Ireland?

  2. Rick

    Would love to, but it’s more easy for me to get to Netherlands… AND it’s a country I’ve never been to before, so I’ll take some more days to do some sightseeing too ;)

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