Microsoft Reseach Center in Trento

microsoft_research_center_in_trento.pngTrentino (local newspaper of Trento) is reporting that “Microsoft will open its first Italian Microsoft Reseach Center in Trento”. None of my colleagues knew about this before. I think this news (if confirmed) will affect in many ways all the research institutes in Trento area (they are many) and nobody seems to know how. [ehm, I think I should remove all those anti- microsoft I was enjoying writing lately ;-) ]

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Reseach Center in Trento

  1. marco

    Any idea of what Microsoft might be doing in Trento ?
    Not that I want to submit a CV ;-), but it is likely I am going to move to Trento within this year, so evertyhing that makes that place more interesting is good.

  2. paolo

    Not sure. One reason might be that Trento’s Province is financing research institute but I don’t think Microsoft needs funds. Another can be that Trento could seem the most “advanced” area in Italy (a lot of talking about Life sciences, Information technology, Complex systems, Bio-Mathematics, Physics, Environmental sciences, Computational sciences, Bio-Engineering, Behavioral economics, Cognitive sciences. See

    I don’ really know what to say… and what will you do in Trento? I shall you introduce to night life [actually, be aware, that word does not exist in Trento ;-) ]

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  4. Hermann

    Just to let you know the REALITY about Microsoft in Trento, read this link to local newspaper l’Adige,where just the Dean of Trento university admit it is only a matter of charity by Microsoft and image.. del 02.25
    And talking about nightlife,I completly agree: Marco,stay where you are,wherevere it is,it is better, I assure you..
    take care,

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