Use of Tags on follows a powerlaw

I read the wonderful Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links, and Tags by Clay Shirky (highly recommended! Read it all!). Near the end, he speaks about “Tag Distributions on” and shows a graph that resembles a powerlaw (even if this is about only 2 hours of activity of 64 del.icio.users). After 2 weeks of powerlaws, I see powerlaws everywhere and I thought “let’s try to test the hypothesis on a bigger dataset from”. Well, few googling-minutes told me that many people had already had this idea and already performed tests on
And of course many of them can be found looking at (the page that shows all the URLs tagged under “powerlaw”) [this is kind of uber-cool-self-referentialism].
Among the many, I just cite
(from which the image shown here is taken), where 84 popular URLs are studied and shown to exhibit a powerlaw structure (in the tags used for them). I suspect the value of can be found in the long tail of tagging as well.
Each dot on the log-log charts represent a tag. The most used tag appears to the left while the least appears to the right. All charts have the same x and y range, .5 to 1350; so the slope of these lines is about -1.

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